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At ISPO 2013, avalanche safety expert ORTOVOX will showcase a revolutionary, VERSATILE AVALANCHE AIRBAG LINE for ski tourers and free riders. The highlight of the line is a REMOVABLE AIRBAG SYSTEM (M.A.S.S.9 that can be inserted into all five backpack models.

ORTOVOX places trust in its system partners 28 years of ABS expertise and its tried and tested TWIN-BAG TECHNOLOGY. The versatility of the system is both innovative and unique. Just a few motions and only THREE MINUTES is all it takes to INSTALL the M.A.S.S. unit into any of the five backpack models. If conditions allow, installing the airbag system can be entirely avoided. In such cases the backpacks are up to 1880 GRAMS LIGHTER and gain several liters in additional volume making them suitable for a broader spectrum of uses. Whats more, the adjustment options prove just as versatile as the system itself. The release grip can be installed for either right or left-handed users and its height and angle can be FREELY ADJUSTED. A STOWABLE ALUMINUM BRACKET protects the grip from unintended release.

ORTOVOX has developed three different models especially for free riders. In addition to its unmistakable silhouette, the highlight here is the new REMOVABLE SPS PRO BACK PROTECTOR. It provides TV-CERTIFIED SAFETY and can also be USED SEPARATELY with the included attachment straps. Available in three sizes and weighing in at only 300 GRAMS it affords optimal ventilation courtesy of its ventilation holes. The ergonomically designed straps and the wide elastic hip belt with its innovative aluminum locking clasp ensure the protector fits perfectly and thus provides optimum protection. It provides additional safety and ease of use even when wearing thick gloves.
Whats more, ORTOVOX uses robust aluminum and abrasion-resistant hypalon for its new MULTI-FUNCTIONAL X-SKIFIX SKI FASTENING SYSTEMS. Secured by locking aluminum clasps, the skis can be attached either diagonally or crossed, as can snowboards or snow-shoes.

Both TOUR ABS models score points with their VERSATILITY. The ski tour backpacks shine with their newly developed VENT-O-FLEX BACK SYSTEM. An O-shaped frame distributes weight evenly between the shoulders and hips and thus relieves the back muscles. Lateral VENTILATION CHANNELS and the back plate with its numerous ventilation openings provide ACTIVE AND COMFORTABLE VENTILATION. VARIO-SPACE is the name of the new variable volume system. Opening a central zipper adds more than 20% ADDITIONAL VOLUME making the TOUR ABS models ideal even for longer ski tours.
Just like the FREE RIDER ABS, TOUR ABS models also feature the multifunctional X-SKIFIX SKI FASTENING SYSTEM. The system allows skis to be fastened in different ways, either diagonally or crossed, using the locking aluminum clasps. It can also be used to fasten snowboards and snowshoes.
In addition to its numerous classic features, the TOUR ABS also has a separate map compartment as well as one for skins and crampons.

The models will be available in stores starting from fall 2013.