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Following the great sales success and the OutDoor Award achieved by the Alpine backpack THUNDER 35, ORTOVOX is extending its ALPINE BACKPACK LINE to include the winter model BLIZZARD 35. At a weight of only 900 GRAMS it is one of the LIGHTEST BACKPACKS in its class, WITHOUT entailing any LIMITATIONS to convenience or features.

The BLIZZARD 35 is right at home in the mountains in winter. Each move needs to be exactly right, especially in cold temperatures and this is why this backpack is CLEARLY STRUCTURED and easy to use. ORTOVOX has REDUCED its new Alpine backpack to its essential elements. The design is correspondingly simple with few straps and belts but is still extremely up to date technically. The materials are as light as possible and only reinforced as necessary at the points with the highest stress (especially in the base area). Fine Lycra is used in the back area to ensure no snow adheres to it.
The lightest Alpine backpack is a TOPLOADER that can also be loaded from the front thanks to the ALL-ROUND ZIPPER. The back system is reinforced with an adjustable T-BEND RIB that distributes the load in a balanced way. The VARIO-FLEX HIP BELT and the breathable perforated foam straps are anatomically formed and adapt optimally to the body.
As with all ORTOVOX products the BLIZZARD 35 also puts SAFETY FIRST. The separate SAFETY COMPARTMENT means that emergency equipment is at your fingertips within seconds if needed. The SIGNAL WHISTLE that is integrated into the chest strap can be used to attract the attention of people who could help.
This 35-liter backpack is a really transport wonder. Skis can be attached using the FRENCH SKI FASTENER without needing to remove the backpack. Two PICK STRAPS, a MATERIAL STRAP on the inside (with two more on the inside) and the integrated HELMET NET with two attachment options leave nothing to be desired.
The standard package also includes: a waterproof inner compartment (for documents / electronic equipment), drinking system preparation, water-resistant zippers and numerous smaller compartments.

We developed our first BACKPACK MODEL four years after our company was established in 1981. We were the ones who recognized 27 years ago that a full set of EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe) also needs to include a backpack. The models that we developed at that time were still known as DEEP SNOW BACKPACKS but in 1985 they already followed the safety philosophy that still inspires all our product sectors.
In more than a quarter century of backpack construction many INNOVATIONS can be traced back to us. Standards like a SAFETY COMPARTMENT that allows fast access to emergency equipment or access to the main compartment via the back system were established by ORTOVOX. Today our backpacks stand for the highest level of QUALITY, innovative DETAILS, FUNCTIONALITY and unique DESIGN, based on a wealth of experience.